UTokyo Engineering Course

What is the purpose of engineering education at the University of Tokyo’s Undergraduate and Graduate School of Engineering? This School was established 125 years ago, therefore we feel it is an appropriate time to ask this question again. More than a century has passed since Japan embarked on a path to introduce and negotiate Western knowledge and practices. Japan and the world are very different places now, and today our university stands as a world leading institute in engineering research and education. As such, it is our duty and mission to build a firm foundation of education that will support the creation and dissemination of engineering knowledge, practices and resources. Our School of Engineering must not only teach outstanding students from Japan but also those from throughout the world. Put another way,the engineering that we teach students is not only a responsibility of this School, but an imperative placed on us by society and the age in which we live. It is in this changed context, where we have gone from follower to leader, that we present this curriculum, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) Engineering Course. The course is a reflection of the School’s desire to engage with those outside the walls of the Ivory Tower, and to spread the best of engineering knowledge to the world outside our institution. At the same time, the course is also designed for the undergraduate and graduate students of the School. As such, the course contains the knowledge that should be learnt by our students, taught by our instructors and critically explored by all.

February 2012

Takehiko Kitamori
Dean Undergraduate and Graduate Schools of Engineering
The University of Tokyo
(April 2010-March 2012)

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